Reah Leah The White From Cat To Queen - Red Sister - The Senate Complete

Aidan Stone

I made my living from several types of art media from 1990 to the present. Writing is a new media for me, but I will endeavor to entertain my readers, and would appreciate your feedback. (See the contact page) 

 I wrote the "The Sisters of Reah Leah Trilogy" to entertain and challenge the minds of my readers. Questions about species, and social status, form a vital part of each books plot.

In Book 1, "Reah Leah The White From Cat To Queen', you will be will introduced to the planet of Aelfyce. Aelfyce, is full of contradictions from the moment you begin reading.

  In Book 2, "Red Sister", discover the vast difference between the "Louracks" thinking and that of humans. See the love between Reah Leah and Wesley grow to encompass another lover, and a multitude of new friends. Along with new friends, come new enemies!

  Find the answers to many questions raised in books 1 and 2 in book 3. How did their language shift to the same contractions as modern Earth? Who actually started "The Bond"; was it Wesley? Why were the "Lord Wielders" so open to change? What other secrets lie hidden?