Reah Leah The White From Cat To Queen - Red Sister - The Senate Complete

Aidan Stone

Author of fantasy/adventure books

"The Sisters of Reah Leah Trilogy"

Book 1: "Reah Leah The White From Cat to Queen" a story of adventure/ fantasy with adult content, is currently available at Amazon in paperback, and Kindle, where you can buy the e-book on other devices using the "Free Kindle Cloud Reader" app. It is also available at Smashwords and their distributors

Book 2: "Red Sister" is available through the same outlets. Book 2, continues the saga of Wesley and Reah Leah. Their love will encompass another lover, and the war for equality on Aelfyce begins. The Lourack are empowered with "The Power of the Stones." Aelfyce will never be the same!

Book 3: "The Senate Complete" answers questions raised throughout the first two books. 'The People" gain a democratic government, and Reah Leah gets two new sisters. Wesley has more time to play after he relinquishes his authority! 

 Set on a planet where several contradictions exist, the reader will be challenged to discover why they do. Throughout the books, there are clues to help you solve those riddles. Can you guess why those contradictions exist, before you read book 3? 

  Thrown through space, and perhaps time, the human Wesley finds himself in a battle to survive. Reah Leah, the exotic and feline Lourack had problems of her own. She was imprisoned and isolated four years before Wesley arrives. Random chance smiles on them, and together they strive to see the prophesy of "King Horace" fulfilled. Throughout the trilogy, they find new friends, and, of course, new enemies!                                adult content